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Sash Window Repair and Replacement Glasgow


Sash Window Double Glazing

Modern Design with a Traditional Appeal

As specialists in fitting Double Glazed Sash Windows we ensure your window or windows have all the pratical functions of modern windows but still retain that traditional look and feel. We provide a range of finishes they will enhance the look of your property nd are designed to match local planning and architectural requirements.


We put new life into the old when repairing sash windows. Being specialists in the industry we are experts in refurbishing tired, dilapidated box sash windows With years of experience we can repair windows that have broken sash cords/sash springs, rattle or stick, get jammed, and general love and attention.

Draught proofing

Draughty windows not only make your home uncomfortable they cost you more money on heating bills, plus noise levels from outside are reduced once repaired.

We provide a full sash window draught-proofing service call us for a quote.

Window sill replacement

Aged and damaged wooden window sills?

Let us repair your sills from start to finish by using a variety of restoration techniques that safely bring your windows back to their former glory. We take care to ensure their unique style is completely untouched and look original.

Window painting

Besides repairing rotten wooden window frames or sills, we have the skills to add several coats of oil or paint on the wooden components of your windows adding the original colour or bright, inviting colours that will change the entire look and feel of your home exterior.

Mastic Pointing

As professionals within the industry we specialise in stone mastic application.

We only use the highest quality anti-fungal silicone to guarantee a long lasting crisp finish ensuring you will have a lasting and good looking finish.

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